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New Zealand Experimental progressive metal band Thess releases new EP

Thess - (the band) is a New Zealand heavy metal band specializing in heavy metal, melodic, progressive, and experimental music. Founded in the summer of 1997. Running as a 3 piece for the most part, Paul - Drums, Craig - Bass and Peter - Guitar, recently longtime friend JJ on vocals, Thess New Zealand is committed to creating music that will both inspire and move the listener.

"Our music is a combination of traditional metal and modern techniques, blended together in a unique way that can only be heard from Thess. We strive to create a sound that is both powerful and emotional, pushing the boundaries of what metal music can be". - Thess.

With songs ranging from 6 minutes to 12 minutes and tuned down to G hopefully offers the listeners something different. Thess has just finished recording there first EP in our home studio in the little town Hope - Richmond New Zealand, the 3 song EP with a running time over 23 minutes will be released in the next coming months.


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