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Must Be Wrong to Release New Single on August 16 via Violent Weather Records

The switzerland independent punk rock band Must Be Wrong is excited to announce the release of their latest single "Words Untold" on August 16, under the banner of Violent Weather Records. Upholding their DIY ethos, the band has meticulously overseen every aspect of the production process, resulting in a unique sound that is a testament to their creative freedom and independence.

The band’s commitment to authenticity and hands-on production is evident in their choice of recording locations. Drum and vocal tracks were laid down at the drummer's own Carving Room Studios, ensuring a controlled and personal recording environment. Meanwhile, the guitar and bass parts were captured in the intimate and familiar setting of their rehearsal room, contributing to the single’s raw and authentic feel.

For the mixing and mastering, Must Be Wrong collaborated with the legendary Jason Livermore of Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, USA. Livermore, who boasts an impressive portfolio with notable acts such as NOFX, Rise Against, and Descendents, brought his expertise to bear on the project, adding the final touches and professional polish to the track.

Fans of of punk rock can expect a track that not only showcases the band’s technical skill and passion but also retains the raw, unfiltered energy that defines their music. The new single will be available on all major streaming platforms on August 16.


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