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Metal band Of Origins releases new single “Dusk on My Hands”

Of Origins is a metal band formed in 2015 in Turku, Finland who strives to be completely raw and uninhibited in both sound and inspiration.

Of Origins is currently best known for its extremely energetic live performances and highly

positive reception in Finnish music media. The band will release their long-awaited first

album in the fall of 2023 and is working hard at creating new music and getting farther out in the world. The first single, “Dusk on My Hands”, released on 31.3. showcasing Of Origins’

more belligerent and visceral side.

Dusk on My Hands is a progressive/groove metal track which cunningly combines the pace

and ferocity of traditional extreme metal with the weight and depth of more modern metal

showcasing Of Origins’ style of making music that is vivid, nuanced, and uninhibited, whilst

being extremely visceral and crushing.

Dusk on My Hands discusses the tendency of capitalist actors to lose interest in supporting

life around them through a dystopian scenario that can actually be quite commonplace in

certain parts of the world.


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