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LOMNOUVO comes out on seventh single "Land of Men"

LOMNOUVO is a writing, a voice, a universe in which we dive without restraint... Uncompromising, always at the limit, on an inner journey, taking conscience, in rant... The music follows the words according to the style, sometimes very Rock, sometimes softer, it depends on the inspiration, the context or emotion.

French songwriter, this artist has found his own alchemy, tinged with a spiritual, almost strange poetry... Of the one who never ceases to evolve and regenerate, is reborn each season, like LOMNOUVO.

"La terre des Hommes" is a Rock song with a tribal atmosphere and rhythm. This is the second single from the EP “Les fou(le)s” to be released this Friday, November 25


The video clip, directed by the artist himself, is very refined. A static shot that captures

dance, the trance of the artist, without artifice. The rhythm of the images accelerates or

slows down according to the song.

The title begins on a heavy rhythm, hit by drummer Julien O'CONNOR. The toms sing like drums, powerful, imposing. arrive there Benjamin FARQUE's bass and guitar: the tone is set. The voice poses a text poetic, ethereal:“Erodes the furrows, the earth of Men/Erodes the reasons, the ether of souls...”.

This voice takes us instantly, to the explosive bridge where the rhythm guitars screech, the drums suddenly switching to a classic beat Rock to finally come back to the toms and the tribal touch. Inverted solos of saturated guitar accompany this return in psychedelic colors, the bass/drums rhythm section channel those wild guitars with one hand of master. A harmony is born from this chaos... The voice picks up and declaims his poetry again...


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