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Lebanese Pop Punk artist Sabah release debut single “Bombs Away! (Last Time I Saw You)"

Hailing from YAGOONA WEST, SYDNEY AUSTRALIA, SABAH, the Punk Rock Barbie released a Nicki Minaj cover song of “Last Time I Saw You” titled “BOMBS AWAY! (LAST TIME I SAW YOU)” and recreated it in a PUNK version.

The original track inspired Sabah, as she is a dedicated Nicki Minaj fan with Metal and Punk roots. Sabah stripped apart and rearranged the entire track, making it her own and showcasing her love for Rock and Hip-Hop.

"Enjoy my track which I've entirely stripped apart and rearranged the track, making it my own, but of course, they are Nicki's lyrics, so she is credited on the track and will receive royalties from the song. I'm the FIRST-EVER female artist to cover any Nicki track in a punk-rock, pop-rock, or pop-metal genre! There have been some metal and hardcore covers of some Nicki songs thus far. I would love for her to hear this track and get it into her ears. Good Charlotte was my first inspiration growing up, and this song perfectly encapsulates my love and inspiration for both Good Charlotte and Nicki Minaj, meshing the two together. This song is my gift to Nicki and the world, giving you a flashback of the early 00s while nostalgia oozes from the video clip, presenting a long-awaited "Pop Goes Punk" cover!" - says Sabah.


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