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Le Fontaine announces new single on december

After four years as a group, Le Fontaine arrives solo with five ever more rock and funky titles. A music like fireworks blow up the halls and wriggle the frigid. With rich sounds where the traditional rock is accompanied by brass instruments, violins and harps, even the blind can take full view. Released on the 16th DECEMBER 2022 in stores... uh, on the platforms!

In this spirit, Can't find a reason to leave, first single from the EP, comes straight out of the 70s. It draws its energy both in Bad Company rock and funk savage of Parliament Funkadelic. Articulated around twirling brass lines and an anchored groove, the song depicts a declining relationship in which the protagonist fails to put an end to said relationship. The interpretation, characterized by a deep voice, hoarse and lively, remains in a spirit of hope and affirmation of ethos, to consider the text not as a fatality, but like an obstacle, which will soon be crossed, like an approaching promise of total freedom,

palpable with your fingertips.


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