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Laszlo Jones drops new EP 'INVINCIBLE'

LASZLO JONES returns as INVINCIBLE as ever to Follow up his critically acclaimed BEYOND THE DOOR ep with a NU Rock anthem titled INVINCIBLE.

Steadfast with his typical dark side view of love and politics lyrics tastefully delivered vocally with brooding verses and a full out declaration of contempt for deception on the chorus. Clocking in at 3:35 the band deliver from the intro to the epic solo section to when the band the drives it all the way home the track engages the listener. Produced by Michael Buyens (Life of Agony, The Gathering) and Lazlo Jones. The Mix is helmed by Kane Churko (5 Finger Death Punch, Ozzy Osbourne), with Michael Buyens (Bass), Samy Docteur (Guitars), Jimmy Montout (Drums) and Jones himself sharing the lead guitar solo. The mastering is expertly handled by Ted Jensen at the world famous Sterling Sound in NY.

The five-song strong album delves deep into Jones’ creativity, and versatility as a songwriter and composer. A multi-instrumentalist and visionary, the album takes the listener on a soundscape journey through Jones’ inexplicable mind, chasing him through his innate ability to captivate and intrigue. His music videos are equally as impressive, adding an additional layer of thought to the music, directing where Jones wants the song to lead the listener.


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