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Joe Billy brings violin solos and a speed rhythm section in new single “Here I Am, Vulnerability”

“Here I Am, Vulnerability” grabs you instantly with an upright bass solo as the intro builds. Into a familiar Joe Billy scream that brings the entire band blasting to the forefront with wailing violin solos and a break-neck speed rhythm section.

It’s impossible to ignore the lyrical content of this song as Joe Billy paints a vivid picture on his journey of self discovery through heavy self-reflection and earth shattering realizations about his own mental health, habits, and human conditioning. There is never a moment to breathe in this song until the final chord fades.

Welcoming vulnerability into our lives can be daunting and down right difficult, but “Here I Am, Vulnerability” makes us feel that ultimately, it may just be worth it, and that it is good on the other side of that fear.

“Here I Am, Vulnerability” by Joe Billy is available on all streaming plataforms.


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