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Helsinki-based hyper metal band Glacerate releases closing track "Free" from debut EP

Helsinki-based band Glacerate has released the final single from their upcoming debut EP titled "Hyper." The single is titled "Free." The band's lead vocalist, Onni Holmström, describes the process of creating the song's lyrics and its meaning as follows:

"Free is the first Glacerate song for which I wrote the lyrics. I hadn't yet planned any structure or perspective in my mind to start crafting lyrics for the band, but I knew that there was a lot of pain inside me that had haunted me for a long time. From this suffocating anguish, the framework for a text about liberation emerged, which initially took the form of a straightforward suicide message, but later I reshaped it into a more lyrical form after regaining my sense".

"Lyrically, "Free" paints a picture of blood-red and deep-sea-blue, but melodically, I wanted to bring a sense of relief to the song with the rustling of breezes, occasionally even accompanied by cheerful vocal melodies. Amidst all the darkness, the cathartic state after writing this song was the closest I had come to the feeling of freedom that I had longed for. This feeling also inspired me in writing other songs for the band, so it could be said that "Free" is, from my perspective, in many ways the most important song on the record".

Glacerate is a supergroup composed of members from bands such as Negatiiviset Nuoret, Assemble The Chariots, and Mørket. With the debut EP's songs now fully released, the band will soon be performing live as well. The first opportunity will be at Helsinki's On The Rocks on October 26th with Rock Band From Hell. Tickets will be available soon.


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