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Garage post-punk band from Toulouse, Paddang, releases new single "3.0"

Paddang is a garage post-punk band from Toulouse, created in 2020. ‘3.0’ is the first single of their debut album ‘Chasing Ghosts’ . The album will be released on Morsure Records (French label) on March 31, 2023.

The music video has been produced by Guirec Petton & Thom Boquel, bassist & guitarist

of the band. ‘I am 3.0 YO now...and I wanna fuckin days a live

my dream’. The 90’s inspired video tries to be true to these lyrics. Getting old in our society

can be tough, but we have to face whatever life will throw at us in order to reach our goals;

in the short time we have. ‘3.0’ is for all the people getting stuck in a situation but giving

their best to fight back.

Because our time is precious. This track is all about people running out of time. Our dreams and objectives are slowly disappearing, and so only regrets and frustration are left. The fragmented voice flow and crazy rhythm are conveying a strong energy, encouraging

us not to give up.

About the album:

“Chasing Ghosts” is an invitation to being nostalgic. A mix of naive but honest stories

happening in a brutal reality. But it is also memories of travel and adventures around the

world to escape from a rude daily life. So “Chasser les fantômes du passé” was the perfect

name for this album who is a testimony of our own lifes.

These 8 tracks (9 with Random Boogie), composed in less than a year, perfectly illustrate

the rich and multiple sound identity of Paddang. Fuzz guitars are mixed with more ambient

sounds, sometimes even synthetic, so it is easy to understand that the band is torned

between post-punk, psych & progressive music influences. Recorded and mixed by

Flantier Records and mastered by Third Man Records (USA), the sound of this album is

more airy, more incisive than in the past. The voices also have more presence. A specific

attention has been given to the arrangements, with the help of analog synths allowing to

create new textures for the band.


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