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French death metal band Scolopendra announces new album "Citadel Of Torment" for may 2024

After 6 years since the second album, the french death metal band Scolopendra is preparing the release of the third album « Citadel Of Torment » out the May 1 2024. The third album will be more mature and technical death metal music. The first single Event Horizon is out now with a lyric video, the song is about a man devoured by his own metaphysical reflexions, like a black hole that eats all the light around him.

Founded in 2007, Scolopendra first starts in a furious enity, mixing extreme metal, thrash and hardcore in one blow and records their first demo in 2011. In 2015 their first concept album « Cycles » was born, followed two years later in 2017 by a second album « The Alienation Spread ». The music of Scolopendra evolved towards a music more technical death metal loving to play from chromatic patterns to unusual rythmic accompanied by synthetic atmospheres.


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