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Duet from Bordeaux (France), Breaking Fuel, releases new EP "OUR"

Breaking Fuel, is as a duet from Bordeaux (France), that plays Rock Music. "OUR" 2nd and new Ep is an extract of an incredible journey, following previously warmed welcome release "MAKE" 1st Ep! You can listening here:

"DELAY" & "GREAT" Eps will soon follow, engaging the full album "Make Our Delay Great Again" Release.

From France to Germany (Hamburg), the duet band recorded at the Clouds Hill Studios first, then in Paris then in Lacanau (south west France). A lot of experiences bring them the possibility to build a journey of sounds, encountered on the living vibes.

Two tracks for one question: as human beings, are we planning our self(ish)-destruction or, do we want give us a chance having good living conditions, all together?


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