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Drunkards Returns with New Single "We Don't Care"

After a hiatus spanning over three decades, iconic rock band Drunkards makes a triumphant return with their latest single, "We Don't Care." This marks their first release since reuniting in 2019, and it's clear they haven't missed a beat.

Formed in January 1985, Drunkards quickly made waves in the music scene with their energetic performances and raw, unapologetic sound. Despite facing challenges and parting ways in 1990, their legacy lived on through their self-titled debut album and contributions to compilations like "Heavy Rendez-Vous."

Now, with their original lineup back together alongside fresh talent, Drunkards are ready to reclaim their place in the spotlight. "We Don't Care" is a testament to their enduring spirit and passion for rock music, featuring powerful vocals by Marco Bruco Ferri, electrifying guitar work by Marco Vetturi and Alessandro Deponti, and the return of bassist Germano Minuti and drummer Marco Bottazzi.

With lyrics penned by Chiara De Capitani and a mesmerizing solo guitar performance by special guest Antonio "Tone" Solivari, "We Don't Care" is a statement of defiance and liberation, capturing the essence of Drunkards' rebellious ethos.

"We Don't Care" is released by LM Records, the label that has been a steadfast supporter of Drunkards throughout their journey. Available now on all major streaming platforms, this single heralds the beginning of a new chapter for the band, setting the stage for their highly anticipated third album.


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