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Double Obscur releases new EP "Radio /Phylloxera"

Double Obscur is a Heavy/Grunge/Gothic Rock band created in 2020 in Paris by its 4 complementary members. Guillaume Ruinart is a heavy metal rock guitar player, (last band : Xystenz, 2 EP, with Phillippe Davout already on Drums, and guitars sessions studio in a completely different styles for MZ (gaingz, 3.5.7.) and Les Sages Po (art contemporain album) . He is the main compositor / author with Philippe Davout : trash/punk drummer who played in Xystenz too and Lunatic Power.

The chemistry between them is completed by the thunder Luc Leroux on bass, who comes from gothic/alternative music univers, mostly English bands. The Singer, Claude Perchet is the ideal missing link that binds Double Obscur together: his pure and haunting vocals blend a variety of musical genres ( the band loves playing covers too).

The EP Radio /Phylloxera is released everywhere the 13th of December 2022. 4 tracks Ep: 1.Radio (Radio Edit) 2.Phylloxera 3.Phyllox (Acoustic version) 4.Radio The band is taking their project to their next level with live gigs in 2023.


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