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Doorshan is back with a new music video and ready to hit the stage

Formed at the end of 2010 in Rouen, the band mixes rock, pop, electro and hip hop

Formed at the end of 2010 in Rouen and imbued with rock, pop, electro and hip hop, Doorshan enters fully into current music. Groovy bass/drums, rock guitar riffs, electro semples and 2 vocals energizing their sound (one chanted, the other rock), Doorshan has already produced several EPs and shot 4 clips available on Youtube.

Between 2012 and 2018, the people of Rouen also won numerous springboards which will allow them to tread prestigious stages such as the Bakayades of Grand Quevilly, the Mascarets festival in Pont Audemer or the Green Horse Festival 2017 at the Hippodrome de Mauquenchy.

Armed with his latest music video, "CRACK", the new line up (Sebb guitar/vocals and Burnie vocals/-keyboard), Doorshan is (finally) returning to the stage, ready to figure it out!


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