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Boston-based band, Motionyear, releases new single and music video "Disarray"

Boston-based band, Motionyear, have just released their latest single, Disarray. This song combines new and old influences of pop punk, while tapping into the new wave of the scene. Montionyear has influences like bands/artists such as Neck Deep, The Story So Far, Action/Adventure, Foxera, blink-182, Can’t Swim, etc.

Disarray is a metaphorical song describing a verbally abusive and controlling relationship through the lens of a plant that has been abandoned in a bedroom. The plant sits on the shelf, uncared for, and becomes covered with dust and lacking in water and nutrients. The plant eventually escapes the abusive relationship and finds life beneath the soil. What a fantastic metaphor for this type of relationship. Many songs cover abuse and neglect, but this is the first we’ve come across that has found such a unique and powerful metaphor.


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