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Blending the Best of Early 2000s Alternative Rock and Pop Punk with a Modern Twist

Blending the vibe of early 2000s alternative rock and pop punk with modern elements, Another Face in the Crowd delivers powerful, moody, and energetic music with an edge. Expect sing-along choruses, quiet/loud dynamics, high energy, emotional melodies, and everything great about these genres.

Formed on a cold Norwegian winter day in 2022 by long-time friends Petter Berget (vocals, guitars, bass) and Nicolay Nilsen (drums), the band draws strong influence from the early 2000s alternative rock and pop punk scene. Both Petter and Nicolay have deep roots in the scene, having been listeners and performers in various bands. Their strong love for music and a drive to create brought them together again after many years.

Since mid-2023, the band has gained a loyal following by releasing high-quality singles and achieving over 100k plays on streaming platforms. Their latest track, "You Found Me," released on Friday, June 28, is a powerful alternative rock anthem exploring themes of hope, redemption, and change. With heartfelt lyrics, it captures a journey from despair to renewal, balancing raw emotion with an uplifting message.

"You Found Me" showcases the band's signature blend of high energy and emotional melodies, ensuring it resonates with both longtime fans and new listeners alike. The track is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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