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Black Paisley release the new single 'MOJO'

Black Paisley release the new single MOJO from the upcoming new album Human Nature. MOJO is a strong southern rock ballad in the style of the classic blues infused songs of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bon Jovi back in the glory days, combined with a 2022 production.

“Mojo” is one of the album’s best moments according to Heavy Paradise; “more laid back with a simply breath-taking, almost pop-rock vibe and a sweet chorus line that made me push repeat several times. Excellent!

Black Paisley show that they dominate the southern area of Rock perfectly, they reach the idyllic crossroads and recreate that ritual as witches without enslaving, of course. Afro/Latin percussion offers another perspective, takes his sold soul out for a walk and excites us along with those successful Bon Jovi-style «nanana’s» that sweetens it. What a pleasure!” says another blogger.


Black Paisley from Stockholm, Sweden has since the start 2015 reached almost 10 million spins on global streaming services, although still an independent act. By many seen as one of the big inheritors of Classic Rock in the line of bands like Whitesnake, Scorpions and Y&T. In 2017 the band debuted with the album "Late Bloomer" that had success among critics and bloggers, which was followed by "Perennials" in September of 2018. In the summer of 2020, Franco Santunione from Electric Boys joined on guitar for the 3rd album “Rambler”.

During 2021 and 2022 the band’s been working on their new upcoming full-length album, Human Nature, as well as touring summer festivals. Black Paisley is: Stefan Blomqvist - Lead Vocals & Guitar Franco Santunione – Lead Guitars Jan Emanuelsson - Bass Robert Karaszi - Drums and Percussion.


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