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Alternative Groove Rock band Attic Theory release their Debut Album 'WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST'

The Liverpool-based Alternative Groove Rockers Attic Theory are to release their Debut Album 'WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST' this April. 'WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST' features the singles 'Violent Delight', 'Tattooed Heart', 'Narrow Lines', and 'Papier-Mâché', which includes a collaboration with Kevin Martin of the multi- platinum selling rock band Candlebox and gained significant recognition, being named Planet Rock Radio's New Rock Show TRACK OF THE WEEK and topping the Shazam charts in China, Canada, and America. Additionally, it reached an impressive number 42 on the iTunes alternative chart in France.

"Violent Delight" is a high-octane anthem that confronts the issue of constant deception head-on. Lead singer Lewis Wright explains the song's inspiration, stating, "It's about exposing someone's constant lies and calling them out on their bull****. The feeling of getting their back up like an animal ready to strike, and the sick pleasure that comes with revealing their true colours... it's a violent delight, if you will".

Attic Theory poured their hearts and souls into 'WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST', believing it to be their best work to date. Helmed by producer Loïc Gaillard (Revival Black and Ashen Reach), 'WHAT WE FEAR THE MOST' exudes an abundance of commanding vocals, exquisitely inventive melodies, explosive guitars, and irresistibly infectious grooves. The band sincerely hope that fans will connect with the music on a deep level, finding solace in the realisation that they are not alone in their fears. This album serves as a testament to the healing and unifying power of music.


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