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Ziggy Splynt release “Kefas’ Khal”, second single of upcoming EP “Airlock”

“Kefas’ Khal” the second single of Ziggy Splynt's upcoming EP “Airlock” is available now for stream. With “Kefas”, the Utrecht based alt-rock trio are releasing a high-energy riff-based track akin to songs by Biffy Clyro and MUSE while maintaining their harmony driven composition. 

As a re-release of an older song “Kefas’ Khal” is the amalgamation of the old and the new for Ziggy. Being one of the band's loudest, most energetic tracks, the band felt it was the perfect song to transform into the new Ziggy sound. The track is featured on the new EP “Airlock”, which will be released on vinyl through Plato Utrecht Records, and digitally on streaming services on the 20th of April. 

Vocalist Bart Huskes about “Kefas’ Khal”: ”This song is actually one of the older ones we've written. We re-recorded it by basing it on an old demo and added slide guitars and broader sounding chords to it. This song was one of the most fun to get right out of all tracks on the EP. We specifically re-recorded this one to make it go through more of an sonic journey.” 


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