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ZEKE SKY shares “Light The Sky” video and "Intergalactic Demon King" album

Zeke Sky is a guitarist, pianist, vocalist and composer from the USA who has taken the heavy metal and psychedelic rock universe by storm ever since videos of his music surfaced on the internet in 2018. Combining influences of psychedelic rock, progressive metal and world music, Zeke goes against the grain in composing bold visionary songs without limitation.

Zeke Sky's band played its first show opening for the mighty Kings X in 2018 as the release effort for its first recorded effort, the 8 track "Animals of God & War." Despite the infancy of the band and total anonymity, the record sold into the thousands of copies on the internet.

Zeke followed up with a pair of singles in 2019 and 2020, and those saw favorable reviews all over the world including from Rolling Stone Magazine. In 2022, Zeke returned, having signed with Atomic Fire Records, to release his most ambitious work yet, Intergalactic Demon King. The future is as bold as it is long, and only those who can stomach the challenge will taste the fruit of the golden mountain. Those who underestimate Zeke Sky do so at their own risk.


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