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Year of the Dog release self-titled album and music video for the track ""I'm a Machine"

Talia's frontman and multi-talented musician Nicolas Costa takes a thrilling leap into the solo realm with the release of his debut album "Year of the Dog" under the moniker YEAR OF THE DOG. Recorded entirely during the summer of 2023 in the humble confines of a basement/kids room, this album is a raw, unfiltered expression of punk rock at its finest.

"Year of the Dog" is a sonic rollercoaster that transports listeners on a high-octane journey through the punk spirit. The album features 12 tracks carefully selected from the 20 recorded during the intense summer sessions. From the pulsating energy of the title track to the infectious vibe of every melody, each song leaves a lasting impression, showcasing Costa's undeniable talent as a songwriter, musician, and producer.

"I wrote most of the songs at night and recorded them the next day in my daughter's studio/bedroom. I played all the instruments myself, so Year of the dog is my solo project... Part of the creative process was that I would be the only person playing, so I could do it quickly, I didn't have to show anyone the chords or discuss the arrangements. .. I wanted songs that weren't longer than 2:30 too, only a few are longer than that, so I think the main influence is early punk rock, but also some grunge bands like Nirvana, which has always been a big thing for me... There is also a pop feeling in some of the songs... The lyrics are about personal experiences and feelings for the most part, no real political or philosophical statements or anything..." - Nicolas Costa.


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