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Wannacries releases an energetic punk metal track 'Sick Of It All'

Wannacries released their new single 'Sick Of It All' on all major platforms. It is an energetic punk metal track with a strong melody and their trademark guitar sound. Wannacries is a metal and hardrock band based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was formed by two IT guys who, one day in 2017, decided to start a band together. They had both been playing music in

different shapes and forms for 20+ years. Daniel handles the bass and sings/screams in the

microphone. Per is the guitar hero and studio genius.

The name started as a joke when they needed a name for the first gig. The ransomware WannaCry was in it’s prime and name stuck so they kept it.

Wannacries are influenced by classic rock acts such as Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath as well as modern bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour. Their trademarks are fast and catchy songs with a sharp, modern guitar sound. Since the release of their debut EP the songs have been played on a number of internet radio stations and Spotify playlists.

They released their first EP Deadline King in January 2018. It has two original songs and two covers given the Wannacries treatment. Since then they have released four singles and they have steadily increased their listener base.


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