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Vasoline Tuner release new single and music video "Bake Baby Bake"

Vasoline Tuner, a band from Southern California, is known for its unique blend of garage, alternative, psychedelic, punk, and more. Their sound is diverse and hard-hitting, showcasing a dynamic approach to music.


The band's latest album, "Cancelled Crystal Balls," is a kaleidoscopic masterpiece that features nine original songs. This release is adventurous and exciting, with edgy vocals soaring over a backdrop of fuzzy guitars, lo-fi production aesthetics, and unconventional arrangement choices that make the songs all the more similar to a rollercoaster ride with unpredictable twists and turns. Among these is the single titled "Bake Baby Bake," which also has a matching music video.


The song is characterized by fast-paced drums and soaring guitars that cut through the mix. Vintage-inspired echo effects and a driven saturated tone that feels like an old combo amp pushed to the absolute limit adorn the song. The vocals are equally compressed and saturated, reminiscent of an old 60s garage record, but with a bit more clarity and depth.


"Bake Baby Bake" is a fast-paced alternative tune at its core, but it's also very textural and dynamic, showcasing a psychedelic aura that makes it more immersive. The song's theme and concept match the surrealistic psychedelic punk twist: the lyrics are about someone breaking into a store to get stoned.


This track is ultimately a great representation of the sound of "Cancelled Crystal Balls," and reveals the band's imaginative and intuitive approach to music overall.


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