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Uncle Watson's Widow shares a version of Motorhead track "Iron Fist"

Uncle Watson's Widow is a Southern Hard Rock band from Winston Salem, North Carolina.

The core of the band are vocalists guitarists Steve Jones and Bekkah Moss and guitarist, bassist and primary songwriter Jon Epstein.

"Jon and his son Jacob share an illogical but powerful appreciation of Motorhead so when Jake and his family were down visiting from Ontario we decided it was high time for the two of us to actually record together (Jake has been in a number of bands both here in Winston Salem and in Canada). The obvious choice of songs was Motorhead." - Jon Epstein.

"We recorded Iron Fist at Earthtones Recording Studio Tuesday morning. Vocals and guitar by Steven Jones. Bekkah Moss played a Nashville tuned Tele, I played 7 String, Jacob Epstein played bass, and the Dustin Foley played badass drums. Always remember: "If it's too loud, you're too old." - Jon Epstein.


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