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Ukrainian Band The Someones Unveils Haunting New Single "Endless Black"

Rising from the depths of Kryvyi Rih, The Someones, a dynamic force in the Alternative Metal scene, is set to captivate listeners with their latest release, "Endless Black." The single marks a significant evolution in the band's sound, teasing the arrival of a forthcoming album slated for release later this year.

Since their inception in 2017, The Someones have fearlessly explored the realms of Alternative Metal, infusing their music with elements of electronic and symphonic instrumentation. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Breaking Benjamin, Starset, and Three Days Grace, The Someones have carved a niche for themselves, earning acclaim for their debut album, "A Drop in the Sea," which critics hailed as reminiscent of Three Days Grace's golden era.

Comprised of Pavel (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Denis (lead guitar, backing vocals, violins), The Someones have garnered attention with their eclectic discography, including two EPs and the unexpected hit single "Watch From The Sky." Now, they are poised to leave an indelible mark on the music scene with "Endless Black."

"Endless Black" ventures into uncharted territories for The Someones, offering listeners a hauntingly immersive experience. The single unfolds a dark and poignant narrative of star-crossed lovers, leaving listeners spellbound with its evocative storytelling and emotive vocals. The track strikes a delicate balance between brooding intensity and melodic resonance, showcasing The Someones' prowess in crafting atmospheric compositions.

Speaking about the inspiration behind "Endless Black," Pavel and Denis express their excitement for this new phase of their musical journey. "This single represents a new chapter for us," says Pavel. "We wanted to delve deeper into the darker aspects of our creativity while retaining the melodic essence that defines our sound."

Denis adds, "With 'Endless Black,' we aimed to create a sonic experience that immerses listeners in a world of melancholy and introspection. This single serves as a glimpse into what's to come with our upcoming album."

"Endless Black" is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering audiences a tantalizing taste of The Someones' forthcoming album. Stay tuned as The Someones continue to push the boundaries of Alternative Metal with their bold and innovative musical endeavors.


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