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Ukraine alternative metal band NETHEREN release new single "Nebula"

NETHEREN is an alternative metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine. They create music that combines powerful metal and exciting electronics. Their music is an expression of their vision of the modern rock scene, where energy and feeling play the most important role.

The track Nebula combines cosmic electronic atmosphere samples and metal sound with light and harsh aggressive vocals, to show up dramatic being of the hero of the song.

The lyrics tells the story about abstract Hero who once lived a full life, having everything he wanted. Family, friends, work, pleasant leisure. But, apparently, he wanted more and did not appreciate all this enough. In any reason, he turned his eyes to the sky, to the stars, to space. He dreamed of something unknown, perhaps immortal. And it so happened that his dreams came true, he became one with the cosmos, became a cosmic nebula. Time for him is endless now. He is no longer surrounded by simple life trifles, but is surrounded only by silence and emptiness. He will never be able to experience simple earthly joy or sorrow. He can only shine and burn in the infinite universe, where silence is his only interlocutor.


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