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UK band Sugar Horse release cover of Tears For Fears' Head Over Heels

The ever-mercurial, boundary-pushing UK rock quartet Sugar Horse have released a typically left-field cover of the Tears For Fears classic, 'Head Over Heels'.

The band comment: "In 1985 Tears For Fears released a record that defined pop music for the second half of the 80s. Stadium sized and absolutely rammed with hooks, it transgresses its resolutely 1980s sound by sheer songwriting quality alone.

"It’s a song we’ve wanted to have a crack at covering for a while now and I think the fact it’s still clearly that song after our hamfisted mangling, is testament to just how genius Roland and Curt were.

"To me, it’s a song about passion and the obsessive pursuit of said passion. With all the frustration and conflict that creates with others who may not share or understand that kind of compulsion. It’s something that’s actually very close to my heart and something that allowed us to really throw ourselves into this tune.

"If Roland or Curt end up reading this, can I just say a big sorry for putting distortion and screaming all over your masterpiece. Feel free to write us a curt email or nine."


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