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UK Alternative rock band Solcura drops new track "Panacea"

Solcura are an exhilarating alternative rock band from the UK, bringing a genre-melding and diverse soundscape to the fore that encompasses the melodic to melancholy, acoustic to hard rock, breakneck punk to skull pounding grunge anthems.

Panacea, the latest track to be released from the new SOLCURA record "A Eulogy for Wasted Time". This new EP is a rage fuelled ode for the age, a sonnet to the modern malaise. Five uncompromising, angst filled, genre blending songs combining anthemic vocals with progressive structures and face melting riffs. Panacea, the final track from the record and the bands most exploratory and paradigm busting to date, hints at further surprises to come from a band that aren’t afraid to mix things up.

The band independently released their self-produced debut album Serotonin in 2021, played the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock the same year and have supported bands such as Pulled Apart By Horses and Palm Reader.

The band are set to unleash a new five track EP titled ‘A Eulogy for Wasted Time’ in 2023. The first 3 singles from this EP (Keep It Close, God Now, I Am Weak) have been well received, seeing extensive independent radio play (Primordial, ERB, Total Rock to name a few), and have all featured on the prestigious Spotify All New Rock playlist.

This EP is undoubtably their heaviest and darkest material to date, drawing on a host of inspiration brought about through the malaise of covid, distrust in 21st century new world order, disinformation and personal introspection.

The record was again recorded and self-produced by the band, then mixed and mastered by the expert hand of Paul Visser (of The Recording Studio London and UK prog metal band Black Orchid Empire). Solcura are Harry Young (vocals), Dan Rowe (guitar), Sam Taylor (bass) and Jacob Gower (drums).


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