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Trip-hop and alternative rock duo, Kill Ombo, release new single “Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”

On January 5th, Kill Ombo, a trip-hop and alternative rock duo from Porto, Portugal, released their new single “Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”. The song is a fictional narrative of a drug dealer that is being chased by a gang because of a debt. The song showcases an experimental and intense atmospheric sound, with a catchy and powerful instrumental that takes the listener on a sonic journey.

Kill Ombo is formed by Opalina, a Portuguese musician, and 00juani, an argentinian producer and musician. They started creating and promoting their own music independently, without any record label nor management agency.

The song has received positive feedback from listeners who had early access to it, describing it as the “best song for driving at midnight” and as a “refreshing way of doing alternative rock”.The song is available on all streaming platforms, this is the second chapter that listeners will have of the band’s unsettling multi-verse.


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