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Track by Track: Post rock project Amphettamine dives deep into new album “De: Compondo”

Amphettamine's debut album “De: Comjunto” mixes influences from the Grunge and Gothic universe, creating something original and innovative in alternative music. Thirteen tracks make up the album, the first of which is an introduction.

All the lyrics are personal themes by Amandha Ribaski (founder of Amphettamine), following a dark and everyday theme, seeking to be as real and sincere as possible, with the instrumental following the nuances. The album featured guest musicians and was produced at the “Funds House” studio in Curitiba-PR, being released by Electric Funeral Records.

For you to delve deeper into this album, it's worth checking out a little more about each song based on Amphettamine's words in this track by track that we present below.

"Decompondo (Intro)": The introduction that bears the name of the album was created with an "anti-music" intention in the technical aspect, where we can observe disordered and incoherent notes, but creating a melody that can be admired by those who interpret it in a less rational way and with the senses, making an allusion to how each person interprets and feels the world. It would also be the perfection of the imperfect, the decomposition of the soul with all the traumas and pains, to create something beautiful and artistic.

"Push me": In this song, themes such as "action and reaction" were addressed, that is, everything you do has a consequence, be it good or bad, and how society is increasingly moving towards a world of futility where it seems that nothing more is worth living.

"LavAdore": Its title comes from the combination of "worship" and "lava", that is, to adore everything that is "hot", especially in relation to feelings, aversion to coldness and indifference.

"Hellish Paradise": In this track, the theme focuses on the environment and human stupidity, which destroys the most precious thing we have, which is our planet, transforming it into a hellish paradise.

"In Despair": Probably "In Despair" is the most personal track on the entire album. It talks about traumas and psychological problems such as depression, panic syndrome and suicide, as well as the feeling of disability and impotence when drugged by antidepressants/anxiolytics.

"Daughter": As the name suggests, "Daughter" is a daughter of our sick and problematic society based on a sexist and patriarchal culture, as well as all this negative impact is carried for generations within the family and normalized in the daily lives of most people who They follow these toxic behaviors even unintentionally.

"Never Gonna be a Boy": This track talks about being raised by a sexist and oppressive father, who dreams of having a son to satisfy his desires and expectations.

"Yellow Eyes": This is a "mourning" song. Being a tribute to Kiara, a cat with yellow eyes who was much loved and reciprocated.

"Above Heaven": It is a critique of religions, emphasizing science and the skeptical side of things, where we have no savior or punisher, we just coexist with everything in the universe, our feelings and anxieties.

"Past": addresses themes such as immortality based on memory. The fear of the death of people we love and the feeling of grief are also addressed.

"Amphettamine": This is the only song that does not have a personal approach, as it is a dialogue between the substance amphetamine and its user. A comparison was also made between the effect of the substance and the sensation of a panic attack.

"Rock Doesn’t Roll": In this song, the main theme is about an absent and neglectful father who holds on to false morals, and tries to get closer to his daughter again, causing more psychological damage.

"Constellation Skin": It is the only song that does not have a negative theme, as it is a love song. At the end of this song, we have an instrumental that joins with the introduction, thus making the album an infinite loop.


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