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Thousand Thoughts release debut album Better Than Never

Having spent the better half of 2022 writing and recording, Thousand Thoughts released today their long awaited debut album Better than Never alongside their new single Circles, available here.

The debut is made up of forward-thinking tracks written over the past few years alongside unreleased highlights of what came before, it sees the band out to plant their flag in the ground.” Some of it’s darker and more revealing than anything that has been released by us ever before. There’s one track in particular that is literally about me killing myself,” singer Ethan warns. “But it’s also the happiest sounding track on the album.” He goes on to describe the record as a “bleak journey with depression, where it feels like you’re drowning in yourself” that has a “reassuring ending that’ll hopefully make people feel like everything will be ok… because it will.”

The “unapologetically Nü-Metal album” comes at a time where all things ‘00 are back in fashion. More than part of a revival though “it’s very much its own thing,” says Adam with the band listing the likes of Stormzy, The 1975 and Periphery as influences alongside Nü-metal figureheads Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn.

“There’s a lot of bands and artists doing something with a hint of Nü-Metal. We’re doing Nü-Metal with a hint of everything else,” says Will as Tom explains “it’s just about creating something that we enjoy. Who gives a shit about what everyone else is doing?”

No matter the genre, Thousand Thoughts “want to do stuff with meaning.” As Ethan explains, “we don’t want to do things for the sake of doing them. Everything that’s on this album is there for a reason, we haven’t just made an album for the sake of it.”

Included on the album is also the new single Circles which focuses on times when everything seems to be going on a downward spiral, and the issue is quite repetitive. Singer Ethan says: “When writing this track, I had every intention of leaving who I am singing the words to open to interpretation; the ambiguity could make it seem like I’m talking to myself, a partner, or even the world. Giving a song multiple meanings has always been an approach I love a lot.”

For the music video, the band knew from the beginning that they needed to work with Karl from “No Class” again. Karl previously worked with Thousand Thoughts on the music videos to Stigma, Fail Me and Undone. “Together, we wanted to create an energetic performance video with ambiguous symbolism for the viewers' own interpretation to keep things interesting all throughout. Karl & his team have once again done an amazing job, and we are blessed to have them within our family.”


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