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Them Caged Dogs release new single "I Am Collector"

Them Caged Dogs centers itself on the edgy corners of experimental rock, melding traditions of stylistically far apart artists like Frank Zappa, The Mars Volta or Black-midi in a peculiar, headstrong way. A liberal, modern, uncompromising, critical of society art rock group, that avoids clichés while playing them out in a fresh and modern way.

Outcast music for misfits, that appreciate sonic adventures full of sudden genre turns. Music, that explicitly stands against misanthropy, populist politics, and xenophobia, in order to back and stimulate diversity. Featuring Berlin-based vocalist Fanny Winter aka Mulay.

“After obtaining a new FM Synthesizer I was experimenting with some sounds and ended up with the melodic line that dominates throughout the whole track. This melody is backed by some uneven drum beats that slightly change every measure, a weird guitar that could be out of tune, a bass that’s quivering in sub-frequencies and most importantly unseizable vocals singing lyrics without obvious narration. The words are used not to tell a story, but rather to create a feeling and atmosphere. It’s a narration not through syntaxes of a language but through combinations of words. This all to create a surreal, feverish and dystopian feel.” – Zacharias S. Falkenberg (Them Caged Dogs).


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