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The Willful Deaf Releases New Song "End of the Sun"

British musician Matthew John Watts, known to electronic music aficionados as dogmixer and debunkt, embarks on a new path with his latest project, The Willful Deaf. This project marks a radical departure from their previous work, exploring the bold terrains of alternative and psychedelic rock.

The new song "End of the Sun" is now available on all streaming platforms and is part of the first release from the project The Willful Deaf. In this work, Watts swaps synthesizers for guitar, creating a sound that combines elements of dub, indie and a touch of psychedelia. Matthew John Watts comments on his musical transformation: "I wanted to explore new forms of expression and experiment with different sounds.

The Willful Deaf is the result of that quest, and 'End of the Sun' encapsulates this new direction I'm heading in." "End of the Sun" offers a unique listening experience, blending the depth and atmosphere of dub with the energy and inventiveness of alternative rock. The track promises to captivate both longtime Watts fans and new listeners, marking a new era in his musical career.


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