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The two-piece rock band from Atlanta HusbandWife releases new single What Do You Want?”

“Channeling that early Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)” - Zack Tinsley, Scales of Music

podcast HusbandWife released the title track of their upcoming album, “What Do You Want?”, as a promotional single on December 16. The full album will come out January 6, 2023.

This band is quickly building up their portfolio as songwriters and performers. HusbandWife appeared at events around Atlanta this past fall, including shows at Sweetwater Bar and Grill, Furnace 41, The Fountain, and Dancing Skulls; they plan to take that momentum into the new year and use the success of the upcoming album to open doors at more venues throughout the Southeast and beyond.

HusbandWife is a two-piece rock band from Atlanta, GA. In a last-ditch effort to chase his

dreams, Walker Bruns convinced his wife, Allison, to become a drummer so they could share the experience of playing music together. As singer and guitarist, Walker has built upon a non- traditional musical background to deliver a unique blend of heavy guitar and vocal variety.

Drummer Allison provides energetic and driving rhythms to supplement the heavy guitar

sounds. Together, they make an intriguing sound that will leave you wanting more.


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