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The Train Rockers release new single "Black Sheep (Radio Edit)"

The Train Rockers new single “Black Sheep (Radio Edit)” is an atmospheric Alternative Rock song looking at the world through the eyes of outcasts and misfits. It also sympathizes with people the band met while playing on the street all over Europe and in several jails. Black Sheep was mixed by Marc Frigo, Nashville.

Blending subtle switches in groove and fearlessly stripped-back instances between bigger rock moments of impact, Black Sheep showcases a band of storytellers at its core, united in the rhythm and soul of performance and poetic expression.

True to their roots, the Train Rockers infuse the track with an atmospheric and energetic vibe that captures the essence of their diverse backgrounds. The international melting pot of influences from Germany, Turkey, and England is palpable, creating a sound that resonates authentically.


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