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The Swedish band Lars Boquist & The 1712s release new single "Rest of4ever"

The Swedish band Lars Boquist & The 1712s has just released their new single Rest of

4ever. An uptempo rocker right out of the 80s when the melodic hard rock/metal were

ruling the charts. The band has been around since 2016. Just before the creation of the

band Lars released his first solo album, mostly instrumental. In November 2018 the album

Water was released, the first album with the band. Now only songs with vocals. Previously

this year the cover-EP Four Leaf Cover was released.

The musical style is the same as with Lars’s previous bands like Dizziness, Pole Position,

Reptilian, Neondaze ie the classical melodic hard rock like Kiss,Scorpions, Def Leppard

etc.Long ago Lars was featured in the American magazine Guitar Player.

Band member:

Lars Boquist - guitar

Stefan Wallman - guitar

Johan Helander - bass

Leo Nielsen - vocals

Rikki Force - drums


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