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The punk rock/alternative rock band Coma Beach release new lyric video for "A Madman's Dream"

Shock, chaos, pain, rage and isolation: These are the thematic cornerstones of Coma Beach’s music. The very title of their debut album, The Scapegoat's Agony, an ominous-sounding allusion to Samuel Beckett's literary works, already bears the haunting promise of a highly unusual experience. Lurking behind it all, there is a clear-eyed artistic vision rather than a generic punk rock album.

Coma Beach is a punk rock/alternative rock band from Würzburg, Germany. The band

was formed by singer B. Kafka, guitarist Captain A. Fear and drummer M. Lecter, with

bassist U. Terror and rhythm guitarist M. Blunt completing the lineup.

Coma Beach's musical influences range from Sex Pistols, Ramones, Hüsker Dü, Joy

Division, The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain to Guns N' Roses, Therapy? and Bad

Religion, with their songs frequently straddling the line between punk rock and

alternative rock.

The band's English lyrics draw on numerous themes and motifs from various authors,

such as the existentialist view of the world's utter meaninglessness, as portrayed in

Samuel Beckett's plays and novels; the satirical-sarcastic approach to the absurdities

of human existence, as employed in Douglas Adams's narratives; the often tragic and

- not infrequently - self-inflicted conflicts that countless characters have to suffer

through in William Shakespeare's plays; or Arthur Schopenhauer's system of a radical

metaphysical pessimism.


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