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The Polish nu-metal band Wirefall release their third and heaviest single “Soy Sauce”

After establishing their sound with the two previous singles, “Time Machine” and “The Moth”, Wirefall intends to show its more compact and ferocious side through the aggro hooks and tension-filled verses of “Soy Sauce”.

“Sonically it is such an improvement over the previous two singles,” says Tomasz Piesiak,

the founder. “You can hear in the instrumental layers, the drums, Mateusz’s voice,


The progression in sound stems partly from the group’s inclusion of Paweł Godzik, an

acclaimed session drummer who has worked with many polish famous artists .


Merging the stylistics of renowned alternative metal acts with the attitude of contemporary hip-hop, Wirefall brings the past into the future through their eclectic mixture of styles. This Poland-based band’s genre-bending ambition is grounded in the propensity towards undeniable grooves which cut just as deep in a live setting as they do through a pair of headphones. Always in search of new ways to advance their sonic expression, Wirefall is cut out to be the secret weapon of the Polish alternative metal scene.


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