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The Oculist release "Terminal", the second track from debut album "Cautionary Tales"

Terminal is the second track from debut The Oculist album Cautionary Tales. The Album features star names from the London music scene and mastered by the legendary sound engineer Jens Bogren in Fascination Street Studios Sweden.

The Oculist is a boundary-pushing prog metal project that defies conventions. With their

unique fusion of musical styles and genres, The Oculist is set to make an impression on

the metal scene. Earlier this year, three singles were released from the project: "Swan Dive,"

"Lavender," and "Twelve Step Sentence." Following the release, "Swan Dive" was awarded

"Track of the Week" by Progressive Rock and Metal's leading publication, Prog Magazine.

Now, The Oculist is ready to announce their debut album, "Cautionary Tales." The album

first released on CD in November, and streaming dates followed the CD release. The album

is available for order on "The Oculist's" official website,, as well as on

the band's Spotify and Bandcamp merchandise stores.


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