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The Mosfets shares new track “Therapy Song”

The Mosfets' unfettered raw emotional sound in combination with their constant push to new heights sonically has begun to create a stir in Northern Europe. The multinational act blew away the crowd at the Helsinki Psych Festival on which has been described "absolute kick up the tailpipe for the crowd" and "with music that can only be described as psychedelic garage rock with depressing lyrics and a very energetic and dare I say positive vibe?"

This song was inspired by Keith convincing himself to go to therapy. "I wanted a way to deal with my PTSD among other problems. Lyrically I tried to think, what would a therapist ask me? Are you feeling disillusioned? Are you lost in your confusion? Do you need meaning for your day? Well Carpe diem is the way."

Originally starting as Keith Mosfet who took on the challenge of writing, recording and mixing the whole catalog of music from 2019 - 2021. However, soon after moving to The Netherlands the solo act evolved into a band and renamed themselves to The Mosfets. The group consists of internationals Maarten Dinkelberg from The Netherlands, Ilari Oinonen from Finland, and Canadian Keith Moffat.


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