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The Living Memories shares "By Your Side" the third song from new record "Days of Morning Light"

The Living Memories shares "By Your Side" the third song from new record "Days of Morning Light". The album will be out on 12" vinyl later this year. This song is an ode to the power of friendship to save and bring beauty and meaning to life. Musically the song is built around acoustic guitar, drums and organ.

The Living Memories is made up of two friends, Stephen and Aaron, who have been involved in music and related projects together for more than 25 years. While currently living in the Baltimore/Washington DC area they met in North Carolina as teenagers and grew as musicians and friends in the punk and hardcore scene. Over time they began writing music that reflected their diverse tastes and lyrics that spoke to their individual and shared experiences.

The band began as a theme, “home truths”. Both Stephen and Aaron were new fathers and the idea of “coming home” was something connected to in their lives and their creativity naturally moved in that direction. The songs were initially written in a way that could be played plainly with an acoustic and singer - or be built out with a band. This way the songs could be played in a lean format with family and friends - or publicly with a band if the occasion arose. It was very important to The Living Memories that these songs spoke to their lives and sentiments in the present moment - and hopefully stand as a document that could be shared with family and friends for the long term. In a sense their priority was to follow the muses with the aim and scope being "home life"; rather than "getting involved in the commercial music machine".

Sonically the initial writing for the record came from the natural sound of the 12 string Rickenbacker or the acoustic guitar. The songs wrote themselves initially - but found many ideas and reference points from all over the timeline of rock such as The Byrds, The Ronnettes, or Tom Petty, Kinks, Del Shannon, The Smiths and Johnny Marr, The Ramones and Husker Du. A wide net was cast in terms of integrating sounds; not to emulate or replicate but to make their own sound.


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