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The intrumental psy-stoner rock band Cactus Maximus release new EP "Eye of Shame"

The intrumental psy-stoner rock band from Sopron/Hungary, Cactus Maximus, releases their the first EP "Eye of Shame". The album mix elements of instrumental, psychedelic and stoner features.

"We love simple, yet expressive, groovy riffs and themes. In our music, instead of highlightng individual performance, the overall image and impression dominates, in which the instruments simply and healthily complement each other. In terms of its style, the band has already overcome childhood illnesses, the taste has definitely developed over the past years, and although we have no intenton of restricting ourselves, we want to keep the instrumental character. The mood of the single got quite angry here and there; the emotions evoked in us by the processes taking place in the world in recent years have become palpable, and we have made them so - sometimes accompanied by orcs, trolls and our own demons." - says the band.


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