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The five-piece punk rock band Elukas shares second single from the upcoming EP

Formed in the autumn of 2021 Elukas started as a five-piece punk rock band. The main goal for the band was to write, record and perform. Band's first performance was in March 2022 and in May 2022 Elukas went to a recording studio to record 3 singles.

Shortly after the studio session band had a short writing camp to work on songs and write new songs. In late summer band's original bassist departed from the band and the singer took over bass duties. In the autumn of 2022 band released 3 singles ("Metanoia" - Oct, "Hullumaja Puhvet" - Nov & "Ajurünnak" Dec 2022). More gigs followed.

In January 2023 the band entered and won a contest to secure a spot in Barbar Feast 2023 festival line-up. After the semi-final singer/bass player broke his wrist. Just 2-weeks before the finals. We called in a substitute bass player for the gig. Since the gig was a success the band really liked how the substitute bass player fit the band he was asked to join full-time.

At the end of February 2023, the band went into a studio (actually the band moved into the drummer's grandfather's house for a week) to record an EP "Loomad Koos" which will be released on 23rd June.

The track "Elukad" is the second single from the upcoming EP. It's an uptempo punk rock song that could be a soundtrack for a bar fight, riot, or car chase scene. It's a song about standing together as one and fighting oppression.

Elukas is: Alan - Bass

Hans - Drums

Karl - Vocals

Raido - Guitar

Sten - Guitar


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