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The Brazilian Heavy Metal band Black Priest announces the release of new track "Catacombs"

The Brazilian Heavy Metal band with strong influences from Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, including the name, and despite our Doom/Classic style, always seeks to bring a more modern feel to their songs.

Initially the band started as a tribute to these two Metal names but during the quarantine they left to create their own songs. Then releasing the EP entitled The Soul Scar with the trilogy that addresses a very common theme these days, depression and panic syndrome.

The trilogy formed by the songs Dying Again, Truth and Obsession and The Scar Curse shows a cycle of suffering for those who live with these illnesses. The "Soul Scar" trilogy is an initiative by Black Priest to raise awareness of mental suffering syndromes, such as anxiety and depression, in order to support those who find little help in combating these diseases.

In addition to the trilogy, the band also makes Cult of Sins singles available on digital platforms, with their video having more than 10,000 views on YouTube, The Rebellion and in October their new song titled Catacombs.


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