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The Beaten Releases Infectious New Single "Triumph": A Joyful Ode to Classic Rock

Get ready to groove to the infectious melodies of "Triumph," the latest single from Canadian indie rock band The Beaten. Hailing from Quebec City, The Beaten delivers a dose of classic rock nostalgia with their joyful and melodic new track, capturing the essence of springtime and the anticipation of summer.

Founded in Quebec, The Beaten is a quartet of seasoned music enthusiasts with diverse musical backgrounds, united by their passion for pop rock. With a focus on simple yet compelling song structures, catchy melodies, and an undeniable love for performing, The Beaten has quickly made a name for themselves in the Canadian music scene.

"Triumph" is a celebration of life's victories, set to a backdrop of infectious rhythms and soaring guitar riffs. From its opening notes, the song exudes a sense of joy and optimism, inviting listeners to bask in the warmth of its sunny melodies and uplifting lyrics.

In just eight months since their formation, The Beaten has already achieved significant milestones, including an invitation to perform at the prestigious Quebec Summer Festival. With over forty self-produced original compositions to their name, the band's music has garnered attention from Spotify playlist curators and even caught the ear of the Fox Sports team, who selected one of their songs for broadcast during sporting events.

Despite their rapid rise to success, The Beaten remains dedicated to their craft, continually honing their sound and expanding their presence on digital platforms. With "Triumph," they invite listeners to join them on a journey of musical exploration and celebration, as they continue to spread their infectious energy to audiences around the world.


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