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Swiss groovecore band Sons of Coherence release new single "DYKE"

Swiss groovecore monsters SONS OF COHERENCE present another killer track with "DYKE" just two months after the release of their critically acclaimed first single "PEAK".

"DYKE" is once again a more than breathtaking showcase of the band's proven trademarks – a rollercoaster of emotions of rousing/driving grooves and breakdowns, tough guitar riffs and above all, frontman Sanji's unmistakably aggressive vocals alternating between growls and screams. And as la grande finale – a part that will make even the hardest metalheads dance!

Thematically, the song is about the metaphorical wall that surrounds us all and should actually serve to protect us, but is repeatedly torn down by us humans ourselves. The line "Built to avoid disaster, you became a monster" illuminates the consequences if this protective wall falls and collapses completely.


It's May 2020 - Lockdown - when four metalheads meet for the first time in a band room in Winterthur. Isolated from the outside world and without legal possibilities on studio sessions and live shows, they concentrated on songwriting without any time pressure and could thus pack their backpack with 17 songs so far!

At the beginning of 2022 they released their first demo EP "(in)sanity), which was followed by various club shows in Switzerland in 2022/2023. In spring 2023 the Sons went into the studio again and recorded 3 songs, of which the first single "PEAK" incl. music video was released on 22.09.2023.


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