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Swiss Alt Metal Band Crimson Pride Release New Album "Bloom"

After 6 years of musical experiences, Crimson Pride was officially formed in 2018. This

Switzerland based band is offering a genre who spans from Rock to Metal Alternative.

Their music is very dynamic, with powerful guitar riffs and neck breaking bridges

contrasting with beautiful melodic voices and poetic lyrics. Their music match with a

wide audiency.

The new album by Crimson Pride, titled "Bloom", was released in April 2023. With this

album, the Swiss band has managed to make a lasting impression by offering a

musical experience of unparalleled richness and originality. Through diverse and

daring songs, Crimson Pride has proven that it is capable of reaching a wide audience,

ranging from rock fans to metal enthusiasts.

"Bloom" tells a deeply human and touching story, exploring themes of hope, despair,

and resilience. The lyrics are poignant and moving, carried by powerful and evocative

melodies. The musicians have clearly put all their heart and talent into the making of

this album, offering sublime compositions and ambitious arrangements.


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