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Sweden Punk & Roll Duo The Ratskins Release New Single “Lockdown”

Don’t look now but The Ratskins (Sweden) second single “Lockdown” is out on all the typical streaming services. A short and sweet, fast and furious, straight to the point, no filler song full of rockin’, punkin’ and rollin’ to suit even the most discerning of punks.

This is almost a Punk & Roll overload... almost... Along with “Lockdown”, the full EP masterpiece “Work, Die, Repeat” is also available exclusively on Bandcamp for those wishing to support the cause. The streaming world will have to wait for the individual releases of each of the remaining songs.

The Ratskins is a Punk & Roll band from the south of Sweden. A two man disaster consisting of Michael J Ratskin on Drums/Backup Vocals and Nas Ratskin on Vocals/Guitars/Bass.

Soundwise we stick to punk and rock & roll (Punk & Roll). Although more than one accusation of heavy country influences have been tossed our way.


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