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Subseconds releases short-film "Joists"

"Liminal Rain" is a cathartic, emotionally intense debut EP by Subseconds, an independent Finland-based artist existing in between the lines of heav- ier genres of music. Dedicated to everyone who misses someone, the record consists of four genre-bending, deeply personal songs exploring the poignant notion of loss and related states of engrossing liminality. At the beating heart of "Liminal Rain" are the contradictory yet inseparably in- tertwined aspects of our lives - hurt and healing, denial and acceptance, detest and love, certainty and doubt, sincerity and lack thereof. It's a love letter to intentional and unapologetic ownership of one's emotions and feelings.

Clocking in at a little over 20 minutes, "Liminal Rain" is a journey devoid of any filler. With every song branching out into territories as yet unexplored, the record manages to create its very own vibe that stays with the listener long after the music has played out. Not pledging allegiance to any par- ticular genre, "Liminal Rain" has an effortless flow to it. Instead of a collec- tion of songs, it feels like one interconnected body of work: from the kick-in-the-gut start of "Colours and You" to the ethereal last notes of "Thoroughfares", the EP is as energetic as it is sincerely heart-wrenching.

The immersive, meticulously crafted soundscapes accompanied by heart- felt lyrics and vocals function both as a platform for expression and a ther- apy-like outlet for its creator, the Finland-based songwriter, multi-instru- mentalist, and producer Sergei Kopytin. Created from a position of both vulnerability and strength, the EP is a genuine exercise in self-discovery and insight. Sergei comments: "I wanted this record to absorb and encap- sulate what I felt when I was writing it, to do justice to what it is about. These songs mean too much to me to have it any other way. From the music itself to the light-painted artwork, every detail was obsessed over yet never boxed within the limitations of genres. Wherever you are, I hope you will give this record a chance. If you do, I hope you are able to connect with and relate to it".

The record release is accompanied by the surreal, short-film-like music video for "Joists" that welcomes you to a journey into the engulfing, black-and-white world of the record.


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